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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Remember That Time Family Guy Was Funny?

Family Guy used to be a funny show. Most of the jokes were original and the flashbacks were actually funny. I say most of the jokes were original because there have been a few rip-offs. One of the rip-offs came in the fourth season (the unfunny one). It was the "1980's fixin' stuff up montage", blatantly taken from South Park's "training montage". This current season has been awful. Why?

Simple. The formula has changed since season 3. Instead of having something known as a "plot", they take up roughly 15 minutes of the 22 minute episode with flashbacks. Most people would say, "Well, that's what makes the show original". Yeah, it was an original concept when they only used it three or four times in an episode. Now you can't even follow the story because Stewie will be talking about something, then looks at the camera and says, "Oh, this is even more awkward than that time I did this awkward thing to some actor". Then after Brian responds, Peter will walk in, do something stupid and say ,"This is almost as embarrassing as that time George Bush did something really embarrassing". Ten seconds later, BAM, another flashback.

These new episodes are almost unwatchable at times. Only a few of the 40+ flashbacks in the new episodes are funny, and the ones that aren't seem to drag on and on. It's like they're trying to fit in these flashbacks because they can't think of anything else to fill up 22 minutes. Also, it seems like the animators are lazy at times. For example, a lot more scenes include two or three characters just standing there with no background movement, and all that's moving is their mouths while the other character makes a stupid face at the other one. Don't believe me? Take a look:

The worst part? All of these screenshots were taken from the same episode within a six minute span.

This article wasn't very funny. It's almost as disastrous as that time I watched Family Guy.

R.I.P. Family Guy