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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gullible is a 9 Letter Word

I'm sure you've all seen this somewhere on the internet before:

"The average IQ of the states that voted for Bush were significantly lower than the states that voted for Kerry."

Actually you haven't because I made that quote up. But it was the basis for the hoax. All the blue states were at the top of the graph with 110 IQ's while all the red states were at the bottom of the graph, maintaining sub-retarded IQ scores. Why, for that to be true, I guess this would also have to be true:

49 out of 50 states voted for Reagan that year. For the United States to maintain an average 100 IQ, Minnesota, the only state to vote for Mondale, would have had to been home to over two million ultra-geniuses with more than twice the IQ of Albert Einstein. Or, you could just simply not believe ridiculous graphs like the IQ hoax by using common sense.

To make matters worse, people believed this exact same hoax in 2000 (with Gore states at the top). They also believed that Bush had the lowest IQ of all presidents of the past 50 years. What kind of people believed this, you ask? Well, how about the creator of the comic Doonesbury!

Web Archive of Doonesbury

It's pretty sad when a guy who appears in the comics section AND the editorials section of Yahoo! Comics actually uses false information in his cartoon. I'm still waiting for his cartoon from Pierre Salinger's information proving that Bush blew up the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Oh yeah, and TWA flight 800 was hit by a missile. Yeah, that's it...

I know it's a bit late to be posting this, but I'm sure some people out there still believe these things. Before believing something, do some research! (but that by no means means going out and buying worthless television products that I've told you all not to buy)


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