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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Logic Puzzles for Conspiracy Theorists

You can learn a lot about a person by seeing the way he solves problems. One of my favorite puzzles are logic problems. These are made by giving the reader certain clues, and then the reader makes logical deductions and figures out all the answers. Well, I have created a couple of them and wish to share them with you. Try the puzzles, and if you get stuck, the solutions are at the bottom.

Presidential Meetings

The president asked three cabinet members (one was named Colin) to cover up the leak of an undercover agent's name. He met them each 1 hour apart (starting at 12:00), and discussed a different problem with each of them. Using the following clues, can you decipher the time that each cabinet member met with the President and what the discussed?

1: The member that the president met at 2:00 PM was not Condie, nor the one that discussed removing the problem at the source.
2: Rumsfeld met the president at a later time than Condie, but at an earlier time than Carlos
3: At 2:00 PM, the president discussed starting a war to draw attention away from the agent, but he didn't discuss it with Carlos

Presidential Meetings
The answer is: None of the above
Obviously, the President is Satan in disguise. Therefore, he doesn't need to meet with anyone to complete his conquest of the earth. After he had the twin towers bombed so that he could impose martial law (you know it's about to happen), he moved with blinding speed to impose America's concept of liberty on the Middle East. The Bastard.


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