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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Religion is not the Great Evil

I cannot even count how many times have I heard the phrase “Religion has caused more evil than anything in the world”. Not even the almost-defensible “More evil has been done in the name of religion” argument, but the blaming of religion itself. Much like blaming an SUV for running over a group of kids, rather than the driver that controlled (or lost control of) the SUV.

The former is patently absurd, and yet stands as axiomatic to those who spout it.

Argh! What is up with these theo-phobes? (yeah, that’s my word ) I have never seen in my life all the garbage that is spewed by anti-religion groups.
I do agree with you that violence in the name of religion is just stupid.

Okay, yeah, you have the Crusades, and you have the Inquisition, and some of the older European wars, but I have to think about the purges of Lenin and Stalin, including the starving of the Ukraine, the First World War, the Second World War, Hitler's program of genocide (based on RACE, not religion), the US Civil war, the War of 1812, and any other war that was fought by or against the US, plus a lot of other disasters before I put religion on the top of the list for causing misfortune.

So, next time you want to blame religion, be sure to check your history.


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