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Monday, February 14, 2005

Moron Test

Here's how it works; if you have ever been remotely interested in any one of these things at the specific times, please place a checkmark by each of the items that apply and add one point to your score. Scoring system at the bottom.

1970s - Pet rocks
1970s - Bell bottoms
1970s - Rocky Horror Picture Show (if you have ever dressed as a cast member of that movie)
1980s - Hair metal bands
1980s - Dressed in "Miami Vice" fashion
1980s - If you've ever worn "leg warmers"
1990 - Fanny packs
1991 - Chia pets
1992 - Tickle Me Elmo
1993 - Ninja Turtles
1994 - Power Rangers
1995 - Beanie Babies
1996 - Doing The Macarena (why do I even bother to capitalize it)
1997 - Pokemon cards (OMG! A Japanese (adds value for some reason), holographic Charzard! OMGOMGOMG!!11)
1998 - Furbys
1999 - Magic the Gathering (they ruined the game with stupid new rules and ridiculous creatures)
2000 - Bashing George W. Bush (this one actually dragged on until 2008, and yes, I know it's only 2005)
2001 - Fingerboards
2002 - Still listening to 80's hair metal bands
2003 - Fantasy sports leagues (add one point to your score if you had done this previous to 2003 as well)
2004 - Voting or dying (I'd rather you die than vote for some random candidate, or Ralph Nader for that matter)
1998 - Present - Talking in n00b or l33t (this doesn't make you a moron, it makes you a complete and utter loser, add five points for this one)
0 A.D. - 2005 A.D. - If you've ever said "you complete me" or "show me the money"


  • 0 - You Rule! you won't let anyone tell you how to live, and go by your own rules. Of course, you are probably an ass, so you don't care what anyone thinks anyway.

  • 1 or greater: You are a moron. Don't lie, you followed the group, didn't you? I'm the only one smart enough to realize that these fads would become worthless in just a few short years.

Dammit, it's not easy being the only smart person on Earth.



  • Dang, I was almost perfect...That last one got me. And no I've never said "you complete me" to anyone. Ever.

    By Anonymous yamato250, at 6:07 PM  

  • Good I was starting to worry about you......

    By Blogger shyguycomic, at 3:53 AM  

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